CNHMTC Central NH Model T Club

The Central New Hampshire Model T Club has partnered with

Fully Promoted of Bedford

to provide customized apparel with our logo embroidered.

The club logo is available in three sizes:

Small - Typically for caps and hats

Medium- Typically for the front of a jacket, sweatshirt, shirt, vest, etc.

Large- Typically for the back of a jacket or similar.

However, you are welcome to be creative and put them wherever you would like.  Logos are also available in the color of your choice.  

To order any logo'ed apparel: 

  • Choose (but do not purchase) a jacket, shirt, hat or any other piece of clothing from either of the two websites below. or

  • Make note of the specific item information (item number, description, size, color, options).

  • Contact Fully Promoted of Bedford by phone: 603-647-9994



  • Let them know:
  1. What item(s) you would like to purchase (item number, description, size, color, options)
  2. That you are a member of the Central New Hampshire Model T Club
  3. Where you would like the logo placed (front, back, left side, right side, etc.)
  4. What size the logo should be.
  5. What color the logo should be.

If you prefer, you can also visit their store at:

410 South River Rd Suite 6
Bedford, NH 3110

Once they get the item, they will then embroider the Club logo onto the item and ship it out to you.

Prices are dependent on the item of clothing and logo size. Fully Promoted of Bedford will reach out to you to arrange payment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ashley at the email or phone number above.